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Use our free housing disrepair calculator or damp compensation calculator to calculate your housing disrepair claim, when your landlord fails to maintain your rented property in good condition and repair.

It’s simple and takes less than 60 seconds to complete. Just a few easy questions about your rental property. The calculator will give you an estimate of how much compensation you will receive for the disrepair issues such as damp, mould, leaks, roof, guttering, infestation and structural issues. After getting an idea of how much compensation you may get, contact our housing disrepair team UK for free initial guidance.

How to Use Our Housing Disrepair Calculator?

There are eight steps to work through on our housing disrepair calculator, each one asking you a question about your rented property.

Each answer you give is from a selection of answers which helps the instant disrepair calculator understand the inconvenience caused to you and your family including loss of belongings, earnings and most importantly your health. The answers selected help the housing disrepair calculator to provide a guideline value of your housing disrepair compensation.

We also ask you about the severity and the options you have are mild, medium or severe each carry percentage:

Mild – 20%
Medium- 30%
Severe – 50%

Mild – some form of disrepair causing slight inconvenience

Medium – several disrepair causing some inconvenience and some use of loss and possibly may affect health.

Severe – multiple disrepairs causing great inconvenience, loss of using a room and affecting health.

The disrepair calculator uses the following formula to calculate housing disrepair claim compensation.

Weekly rent X duration of disrepair in weeks X severity % = £disrepair claim value.

On average if you have been suffering from disrepair for 52 weeks – based on the case of Wallace v Manchester City Council on average you may be eligible for £3300 in compensation for each year.

Please note the above is only a guide and we will require more information and evidence to give an accurate valuation of your housing disrepair claim.

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